How does your Lease/Option to Homeownership Program work?

  • Our mission at AVID Management is to help you achieve the American Dream of home ownership! Unlike other lease agreements or traditional rent-to-own’s, our innovative Lease/Option to Homeownership Program grants you specific responsibilities in return for the potential future opportunity of home ownership.
  • Each home requires a minimum option fee of $3,900 and a monthly payment amount that varies based on the particular home you select. This $3,900 fee (or more) that you pay gives you the exclusive option (not obligation) to go to the financial institution of your choosing at any time within the next 5 years and obtain permanent financing on your new home. Until this point, you have a year-to-year auto-renewing lease that is very similar to a standard rental lease, with the exception that all responsibilities of the home are yours during this time.
  • Our residents tell us they love that they can treat the home as their own and make upgrades to their home at any time within the 5 years, and are happy to take on take on full responsibility for the home for this.
  • We want to set people up for success, and we have found the best way to do so is to make the process as similar to traditional home ownership as possible from day 1!